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high tension poler line bases in a field


Utility Structure Division offers a full spectrum of maintenance and repair services, from fully integrated solutions to standalone specialized work in all steel and wood transmission and distribution systems. P&CG provides corrective and preventive services and advises clients on their maintenance strategies.

We have over two decades of experience in the industry to cover many specialized maintenance procedures while keeping records and reports.

These procedures and reports contain all the latest maintenance technologies and best practices and allow us to take a holistic and integrated view of the entire maintenance cycle, from the planning phase to its execution of steel and wood structures. Some procedures include bolting, concrete/steel removal & repair, fabricating/welding, and wood treatment prevention remedies.

As part of our comprehensive offerings, our service teams have the expertise and equipment to efficiently install and maintain transmission systems. Maintenance is performed in any configuration, length, terrain, and voltage, while practicing all safety protocols to achieve an accident-free workplace. Safety is P&CG’s top priority. Ensuring a safe workplace and safeguarding our employees, customers, and the public is our greatest responsibility – and one we take very seriously.

high tension power line tower on an island in a lake

Steel Structures

20 plus years of experience in footer maintenance and repair, digital images, GPS, and soil parameter measurement

  • Inspection

    • Field review of condition

  • Maintenance

    •  Preventative footer maintenance, seal coatings

  • Repair

    • Steel

      • Complete rebuild/replace of Deteriorated members

    • Concrete

      • Remove and replace deteriorated concrete

Wood Poles

  • Certified Pesticide Applicators/Technicians

  • Inspection

    • Sound and Bore, Excavate, Visual Report, digital images, GPS, and soil parameter measurement

  • Treatment

    • Internal and External Treatments

  • Repair

    • Trussing

  • Emergency Storm Support 

    • Labor and Fuel Support for New York Utilities

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