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P&CG Thermography, Inspection, & QAQC Services

Thermography, Inspection
& QA/QC Services

Utilizing an infrared camera, binoculars, and attention to detail, our crews inspect Distribution Lines and Substations and document problems before they cause outages that affect customer satisfaction and reliability measures like SAIFI.  Utilizing your maps we will patrol your circuits and stations and, based on your criteria, provide immediate or periodic notifications of identified problems.


We provide Stray Voltage and Grounding testing to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal maintenance programs.


We also provide QA/QC Services for a variety of maintenance programs like Wood Pole Inspect & Treat, where verification of your chosen vendor’s compliance to specifications is important.

P&CG Thermography, Inspection, & QAQC Services

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Thermography, Inspection & QA/QC Services Team

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