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P&CG Partners with NEPPA to Promote Employee Growth

“At Power and Construction Group we endeavor to provide growth opportunity to our employees. In our pursuit to ensure we have highly trained and qualified employees in our electric division, management selects highly motivated individuals to participate in the Northeast Public Power Association (NEPPA) Apprentice Lineworker Program.

NEPPA 2023

This is an intense four (4) year program designed to prepare apprentice lineworkers for a career progression to a journey level lineworker certification in either overhead or underground high/low voltage electric systems and components. Apprentices attend formal classroom instruction which includes electric theory, crew leadership, and self-study along with integrating on-the-job learning and application. Each years’ experience culminates in a “timed” team demonstration (rodeo) of skills learned throughout the year where the apprentices participate in numerous events throughout the week. It is also a time when family is encouraged to attend the event and experience what is required to become a journey level lineworker in the electric industry.

When our employees successfully complete the apprentice program, it is a win-win; we have skilled and highly motivated employees and our continued success in providing safe, reliable, and quality services to our customers.”

Posted on March 25, 2023.

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