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industrial spools of electrical line on flat trailer


Power and Construction Group’s Industrial Electric Division operates in multiple sectors of the electrical energy infrastructure including Primary Utilities, Solar, Public work, and private contracts. Our operations include underground and overhead primary distribution, Substation expansion, Gas RTU and odorization electrical services, Standby Generator Systems, system controls, street and decorative lighting, and much more. The Industrial Electric division strives to offer the most efficient, diverse, and skilled electrical work within the northeast region. Our Electrical Workers take immense pride in their craftmanship and trade. We also take pride in offering a state certified Electrician Apprenticeship as well as journeyman lineman apprenticeship through NEPPA.

workers running electrical lines in trenches

Primary Distribution

Our industrial electric department excels in the installation and maintenance of primary overhead and underground electrical distribution for local utility companies. With our generous and ever-growing fleet of specialized vehicles and trailers, there is no primary job too big nor too small for our professional lineman.

Substation Expansion 

Power and Construction Groups Industrial Electricians are also qualified to work in Avangrid’s state of the art distribution facilities.

Gas RTU & Odorization 

We also work closely with our local Gas Utilities in supplying NYSEG and RG&E with state-of-the-art gas odorization buildings, RTU, Regular, and Metering Stations.

Standby Power Generation

Standby power generation is a key piece of infrastructure in both private and municipal buildings and seems to be a growing commodity. P&CG offers skilled labor to professionally install automatic transfer switches and pad mounted standby generators as small as 50 KW to 750 KW.

Street & Decorative Lighting

Streetscape projects are large and take a long time to finish. At the end of those kinds of jobs, towns and cities are left with a landscape that attracts tourism and commerce alike. We install many of the decorative lights on these projects that give the final touch to fresh sidewalks and critique landscaping.

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