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We are a full-service gas distribution contractor. From mainline to service line, our experienced crews install and repair natural gas lines throughout western New York and Northern Pennsylvania.


​Whether the project is a high-pressure mainline repair or a routine residential connection, Power & Construction Group, Inc., maintains a rigorous, initiative-taking approach to safely performing our duties.

underground utility construction worker digging ditch in a road using excavator

Distribution & Supply Pipeline Construction

Distribution & Supply pipeline construction is the initiation of any excavation or other disturbance of property for the purpose of installation, construction, maintenance, repair, replacement, modification, or removal of a pipeline.

Our trained Employees perform the following tasks, including, but not limited to:

New mainline and service installation

Replacement of old leaking gas lines due to corrosion, age or outside damage

Extension of existing Main to accommodate new customers as well as conversions from one pressure to another to supplement gas needs of a particular line.

Distribution & Supply Pipeline Construction

Integrity Management


A pipeline integrity management plan includes all the activities aimed at the maintenance or repair of pipelines, such as defining operations and procedures, inspections, maintenance, pipeline monitoring, and corrosion prevention. This includes pigging and robotic inspections of pipelines throughout Western NY. Our Employees participate in specialized training to perform the installation of pipeline repair wraps at locations designated during pigging and robotic inspection, in order to extend its useful life.

Integrity Management

Distribution Regulator Stations & Vault Installations

Supply or Distribution regulator station inline valve and vault installations:

We have Employees that specialize in Regulator Stations, which is the pressure of gas moving through the pipe must be reduced prior to moving into smaller lines and distribution systems. Regulator stations are placed along the pipeline to reduce the pressure of the gas to the appropriate operating pressure for each system.

Distribution Regulator Stations & Vault Installations

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