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side of building blocked off with a plywood wall for asbestos removal


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KBH Environmental Is a diverse utility construction organization that provides a wide range of environmental services to our clients. We are founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and hard work. Our clients are important to us and we work closely with them through each phase of a project to custom design solutions that best fit their needs.


At our core, we are a diverse team of creative problem solvers who are dedicated to completing each project in a safe, reliable and innovative way. We know that communication is essential to strong, mutually beneficial relationships.  Therefore, a mindset of open communication, transparency and teamwork reinforces our founding principles and are instrumental to our clients’ success.

tanker truck accident on a highway with white liquid spill

Lead Removal

Soil Remediation 

Spill Response

Vacuum Truck Service

Asbestos Abatement


UST Removal

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