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Valley aggregated gravel pit with sorting equipment


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Valley Sand and Gravel is a DEC and DOT approved sand and gravel operation located just outside of Avon NY. Our DOT source number is 33G and 33F including crushed gravel in sizes of 1, 2, 1As and concrete sand. Other products include landscape stone for all applications, pipe bedding sand and stone, farm sand and our DEC approved Bioretention material. Valley can service all size projects, with deliveries available in 6 Wheelers, 10 Wheelers, Tractor trailers and Slinger Service.

overhead view of gravel pit equipment

Concrete Plants/Precast/Mobile mixers

DOT spec 

Concrete sand

Washed crushed 1s

Washed crushed 2s

Asphalt Plants

DOT spec Crushed 1As

Landscape stone

#2 Round pea gravel –1”and ¼ to9/16 

#1 Round regular pea gravel 9/16 to 3/8 

3/8 Small pea gravel 3/8 to 1/8’

Roof Ballast (2 inch minus)

Cobbles (based on availability)

Septic Sand

Monroe County Approved

Agricultural Products

Bedding sand 

Farm sand

Arena Sand

Bioretention Ponds

DEC approved mix

Roofing Stone

Roofing Ballast

#1 Regular Pea

Septic Raised Sand Beds

Health Dep. Approved Filter sand

Pipe Drainage Projects

Crushed 1&2 stone

Round 1&2 stone

Electrical/Gas/Water Projects

Washed bedding sand

  • Gas & Electric Pipe

Town Road Projects

3/8 Chipping stone

1A stone

1 in shoulder base

2 in minus Select fill

Fuel Tank Projects

3/8 Small pea

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