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P&CG flat bed truck being loaded with water pipes by excavator


The P&CG Logistics Division provides a variety of services focused on or related to transportation. We provide Heavy Haul services to transport large construction equipment like excavators, backhoes, and the like. We have a fleet of tractors equipped with lowboy trailers, landoll sliding axel trailers, and flatbed trailers to support these services. We also provide utility pole storage and delivery services through a number of pole suppliers and deliver poles 30' to 125' in length all across the northeast. We have pole storage yards in Rochester NY, Scottsville NY, and Auburn ME with capacity to store over 10,000 poles. Our 16 loader equipped tractors configured with extendable flatbed trailers allow us to deliver these poles to storage yards and directly to jobsites throughout the northeast. We also provide materials management services from product receipt tracking to warehouse storage to secure outside storage as well as material delivery to the jobsite and post construction material retrieval to return to inventory. Our warehouse facilities and staff utilize software to track the location of stored material and report inventory levels while we provide support services to construction crews to time material deliveries to match your project schedules keeping your crews working and properly supplied.

wood telephone poles being loaded onto semi truck trailer

Heavy Haul Equipment Transport

Small Equipment / Material Transport

Utility Pole Storage & Delivery

Material Management & Logistics

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