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Civil department working on rebar wall framing of new building


Power and Construction Group, Inc. offers a range of utility systems installation and maintenance services for gas, fiber, electric, transmission and distribution, and hydro-electric power systems. We also perform general site work, rigging, demolition, masonry, fencing and skilled contract labor services.


Today, P&CG continues to experience stable growth, while maintaining a commitment to quality, innovation, and community involvement. We pride ourselves on being a professional, commercial contractor. Our employees, both, in the field and office take pride in their work and therefore produce a product second to none. The quality employees at Power & Construction Group are what distinguish us among the industry. The diverse knowledge and experience of our team is unique. By drawing on each other’s strengths and maintaining a cooperative, hardworking atmosphere, it assures the success of each project.

civil department using large machinery on river lock construction

Building Construction

Power & Construction Group has been focusing exclusively on the commercial construction market since 2002. We have vast experience and knowledge in all phases of the commercial construction industry. We are adept in new construction projects from multiple trades to minor repairs.

Excavation & Grading

We offer a broad range of services to our customers. Our approach to excavation and grading is methodical.  Our plan is well thought-out prior to our arrival on site.  Efficiency and productivity in the movement of material is at the forefront of project planning; however, our first priority is to ensure the safety of our workers, the public, and our job site. We invest ourselves fully in any service we offer, ensuring that we always provide our customers with the attention, expertise, and lasting quality that they have come to expect from us.

Structural Concrete

Project management is a vital aspect of any commercial construction project. Scheduling and budgeting practices often determine whether a construction project comes in on time and under budget. Most everyone is waiting on the concrete, so designing, setting up, pouring, and finishing a concrete job on time is crucial. Power & Construction Group possesses the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to provide superior commercial concrete services.

Rigging Services 

Our key personnel are all seasoned veterans with years of experience in the erection, installation, maintenance, and transportation of equipment for the Petro-Chemical, Refinery, Power Generation, Automotive and Mining Industries. We offer innovative solutions for the handling of your equipment based on the best combinations of logistics and economics.


P&CG started installing chain link fencing to serve our own utility projects as a cost savings for our customers. We have since expanded to offer this as a regular service.

Hydroelectric Solutions

Hydroelectricity is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower, the production of electrical power using the gravitational force of falling or flowing water.

We specialize in the construction of Hydroelectric facilities and related projects. We have performed work at many of the major Electric facilities throughout Upstate New York. Our areas of specialty range from new facilities, facility, expansions, various process upgrades, and the construction of Regulator stations.

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